Kelly De La Peza

Kelly has had a love for plants as long as she can remember; a love passed on to her by her mother, an avid gardener. As a young girl she gained an appreciation for the life and beauty that plants brought to their home.

Growing up, she became more and more fascinated by the ever-changing and ever-evolving world of a garden. Many of Kelly’s fondest memories growing up involve plants. From the bird of paradise and bougainvillea at her grandparent’s house, to the majestic oaks in her small town and the magnolia that shaded her childhood home – she carried these images with her always.

As her own daughters were growing up and became old enough to go to school, Kelly returned to college to study horticulture at Mt. Sac with the goal of turning her passion into a career.

Kelly has been with FNA since the installation of the first garden and she loves to be part of a team that treasures all of nature’s gifts. She finds it tremendously gratifying to be able to create spaces for our clients that bring forth feelings of peace and a sense of gratitude. Those are the same memories that are still as powerful to her today as they were when she was younger.

Passing on the gift her mother gave her, Kelly is also very active in the development and installation of the children’s garden at her daughters’ elementary school. Through the school’s Garden Club, Kelly hopes to educate and inspire little gardeners and future horticulturists.